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materials and sundries and what your mark-up should be. I am not   •  We cringed when we were informed that all of our material,
        going to discuss the actual pricing on this project but what had to be   sundries, shop tools and installers tools had to be within the
        considered when formulating our labor portion of the quote as the   room while we were working or could be in the attached 4’ x 5’
        chance of this job going off without a hitch at a high production rate   bathroom (that has a floor-mounted toilet and pedestal sink) so
        were slim.                                             not a full 20 sf. Another alternative was to leave everything at the
                                                               non-climate controlled and unsecured hospital dock.  Our final
        Challenge #1 - The Quote                               choice was to leave everything in the delivery vehicle outside in
            We had to consider the following in our pricing and how it would   November in Michigan, which was too cold.
        affect our productivity:
          •  Will the demo of the existing flooring and mastic be completed        We ultimately had to fit 1 roll of sheet vinyl, 1 pail of adhesive, 4
            to our standards, or would we have additional demo touch ups   bags of prep, 1 roll welding rod, 1 unit of flash cove adhesive, 6 pieces
            to do prior to floor prep?                      of 12’ metal cove cap, 15 pcs cove stick, 1 scarifying machine, 1
          •  What will the condition of the slab be prior to floor prep as we   chipper head, 1 sanding head, a 3’ lino dolly, a HEPA vac with wand,
            did not complete the demo?                      a 100# roller and scribing felt and other required sundries in this
          •  Where can we access the facility for delivery and how far away is   nearly 20 sf bathroom. Oh, and don’t forget the installers’ personal
            that from the actual room?                      toolboxes too.
          •  What is the required on-site safety training, COVID check-in        The end result, every time installers will need 1 item, the installers
            and how long will that take?                    will have to touch and move multiple items just to get what they need
          •  Who is responsible for implementing ICRA safeholds, the GC or   = decreased production before we even step on-site.
            the subcontractor?
          •  Where can we stage our tools and materials?    Challenge #4 – Site conditions
          •  Will we truly have the space alone? Is the construction schedule        Once we were finally able to mobilize for this project, the site is
            realistic based on all trades working in the space and material   still unseen due to Covid restrictions, we faced more challenges:
            procurement during the pandemic?                  •  COVID check-in took 25 minutes per installer to get screened
          •  Was this a job where the labor needed to be considered by how   and into the work area.
            many hours it would take vs. the piece rate?      •  The demo of the previous flooring by the general contractor
             That all stated how do you quote such a small project and make   looked like a bomb went off so much more than the original
        sure you are covered and still make money? I do not have that   floor prep quoted was needed.
        answer unfortunately but can take you through what happened.  We   •  The new drywall was primed and painted to 7” above the floor
        submitted our bid, and we were awarded the work.       and the walls were so dusty from the drywall contractor that
                                                               we were forced to have the GC have the painter come clean and
        Challenge #2 – Material Procurement                    prime the bottom 7” of the drywall so that our cap and flash
          •  This healthcare facility was specified on one specific product   cove adhesive would be able to be adhered.
            throughout their facility in treatment rooms. A substitution was   •  Final challenge was there was only overhead lighting but no
            not acceptable and the production date for that material was 2   outlets to use so we had to wait on the electrician to tie-in a
            weeks after the project was to be completed.       pigtail box for us to run our HEPA vacuum and scarifying
          •  The customer then had to rearrange the construction schedule   machine off of.
            to accommodate this delay. We were told there would now
            most likely be trade overlaps as they had to delay the entire        The end result, our two installers had almost 2 hours on the
            construction schedule based on the flooring material arrival and   site before we could even begin to vacuum the floor and prepare it
            the end-user needed to be able to keep that dialysis room open   for prep = not very productive and there was only a slight chance
            as long as possible so that when the material arrived it would   of a prep change order due to the original bidding documents and
            be closed down the least number of days possible. They had   contract.
            to reschedule appointments etc. Thankfully we were not back        That about sums up our major challenges. We did think about the
            charged for this delay.                         possibility of all the above happening in some form or fashion, but
                                                            did we quote the job by our labor hour assumption or by the piece?
             The end result, trade overlap was inevitable in a 40 sy room =
 Illustrations courtesy Flooring Services,, Inc.   Challenge #3 – Accessibility and material/equipment staging area   and production rates were not met in such a small space. We did not
                                                            Did we make any profit? I can fortunately tell you we did get a change
        decreased production before we even stepped a foot on-site.
                                                            order for the additional floor prep, but the other challenges were large
                                                            lose money, but it was a project where the margin was considerably
          •  Our delivery area and water source for the installers was to be
                                                            lower than we would have liked. The lesson for this project manager
            approximately a 10-minute walk through the hospital to the
                                                            and the sales team was we took a shot and we thought we had
                                                            thought of everything. Next time we are asked to price a project that
            work area. Due to ICRA, all materials must be covered with
                                                            is similar to the above, maybe we need to add a smidge more to make
            clean plastic while being transported to the work area which is
                                                            hopefully a slightly higher margin but not price ourselves out of the
            very time-consuming. Fortunately, the room was sealed off for
            ICRA by the GC, so that was one thing we did not have to do.
                                                            award. 
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